Group Sessions

Group brainwave training offers inner expansion in the synergistic company of like-minded people. Enjoy relaxation, self-discovery, healing and transformation exercises while making tremendous strides in awareness in only a day, weekend or week.

Participating in a group training with other people is the quickest and most affordable way for new and seasoned meditators to deepen in awareness, unlock potential, and discover new ways of being in the world.

How do group training work?

All-day, weekend and five-day brainwave training retreats open with an illustration and discussion of the Cade-Wise brainwave map of consciousness and how to access deep-state exercises in order to awaken and evolve the mind.

Using this introduction as a touchstone, participants will be hooked up, sit back, and enjoy a series of guided exercises designed to familiarize them with the feeling of the five primary brainwave categories: gamma, beta, alpha, theta, and delta. Each guided exercise leads to personal discovery and systematically orchestrates the awakened mind.

In addition groups will be introduced the Energy Psychology techniques of EFT to help them deal with any blocks or unresolved issues that may arise during workshops or after.

It goes without saying that participants will be learning how to change their own states of consciousness and they need to take full  personal responsibility for this process. If you have any history of PTSD, childhood trauma, or are under the care of a mental health professional it's best to discuss this with workshop leaders or therapist in advance.

At the end of the retreat, the practitioner privately reviews with each participant his/her brainwave pattern drawings and computer recordings, in order to further match objective measurements to subjective experience. Closing recommendations for further development provide ideas the participant can use for further growth alone.

Group brainwave training is modeled on the popular seminars led for thirty years by the late Anna Wise at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, one of the oldest and most respected human potential centers in the world. In these training, people make remarkable advances that produce life-changing insights and positive, lasting results.

Recounting meditation experiences with the whole group provides everyone with important insights. Shared meals and camaraderie make group retreats very enjoyable. Participants make new friends and leave with a deep understanding of how to master their minds in order to master their lives.

Generally we will come to your location if you can provide 15 or more sign ups.  For international groups this will need to include airfare and accommodations. Organizers receive training free of charge.