Private Sessions

 Private sessions consist of either a Brainwave Profile, a diagnostic tool in which you perform different tasks eyes open and closed, or a guided meditation geared to self-discovery, healing or transformation. In addition, practiced meditators may wish to receive direct-feedback training for awakened mind peak performance.

What do I take away from it?

While monitoring your brainwave patterns in real time, the practitioner can help you:.

Deepen into a profound meditation state.

Sharpen your thinking and become more lucid, aware and intelligent.

Increase feelings of inner peace, unity and well-being.

Retrieve insights into personal or work challenges.

Unblock and clear repressed issues to release suppressed creativity.

More fully awaken and expand your consciousness.

Self-actualize in life work that meets your goals and needs.

Connect with your spirit for universal peace and guidance.

Lasting one or two hours, individual sessions include an explanation of brainwave patterns, the Mind Mirror hook-up, and the Brainwave Profile or a guided meditation. Post-session discussion includes shared review of sketched drawings and computer-recorded brainwave patterns, followed by recommendations for further development


Some people book private retreats or double sessions to save travel time and reduce costs..

How long does it take to awaken?

How long it takes to fully awaken the mind depends on where people are to begin with and their level of commitment to meditation and the path of self-mastery and conscious evolution.

During your session, you will learn meditation techniques and create internal landmarks that will help you awaken on your own.You will want to!


Because awakening is an adventure in consciousness that will improve every aspect of your life, ....