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Australia workshop

Biofeedback, HRV, and Neurofeedback, like a mirror, allows us to see the signals from the mind and body in real time. This insight enables us to observe and learn to gain control of heart and brain coherence for higher performance and flow.

This program is designed to integrate the basic concepts of physiology and neuroanatomy necessary for an experiential understanding of your own brainwave production during biofeedback and neurofeedback. Included in the course is neuroscience research and the latest contributions of quantum physics and energy medicine to deepen practical integration of these latest individual health technologies, including Emotional Freedom Techniques. Becoming the optimal coach in your chosen healing field is the goal with understanding the frequencies of mind and body of yourself and your client, and this two-day workshop can empower you to be the healer you want to be. Tools and techniques you will learn can be transformative in your life.

WelcomeVenue: Tim Hotel Paris Place de l’Italie, 178 boulevard Vincent Auriol, 75013 Paris

 This workshop is over, future workshops in France will be posted here. 

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